Hi! I'm Arkadiusz Holko, an iOS developer from Warsaw, Poland.

Why you should start using @weakify and @strongify macros

I have to admit something. I haven’t used @weakify and @strongify macros in any of my projects yet. A recent discussion in my team at Macoscope and a discussion on Twitter started by Peter Steinberger sparked my interest in these macros. Read on to learn what I found out and why I think they’re the way to go in most scenarios.

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Introducing ReflectableEnum

I’m happy to announce that I released ReflectableEnum – Reflection for enumerations in Objective-C last week. ReflectableEnum tries to fix some of the problems I’ve been having with enums in Objective-C for a long time. It’s a small library, but I think it can find its place in many Objective-C codebases.

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Improving Immutable Object Initialization in Objective-C

Much has been written and said about advantages of using completely immutable objects. For the past few months I’ve been making sure that as many parts as possible of systems I build are immutable. When doing that I’ve noticed that creation of immutable objects can become cumbersome, so I set out to improve it. You can find the outcome of my thinking in a small library called AHKBuilder. Read on to learn whys and hows behind this library.

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Compile-time checked switch statements in Objective-C

Thanks to its design Swift can catch more issues at compile-time than Objective-C. Some similar checks can be performed in Objective-C too, although they’re not well-known and sometimes tricky. In this post I’ll describe how to get as much help as possible from the compiler when it comes to switch statements.

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Motion Blur

Motion blur is the artefact by which fast-moving objects appear blurred. It’s been present in movies, photographs and video games for many years now. I haven’t seen it used in any real-world user interfaces yet, though some designers have utilized it in prototypes, for example YW_Z in his Pocket animation:

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