Bug Reports

I've posted five radars in the last couple of days:

UISlider's maximumTrackTintColor ignored when set in the Storyboard ( rdar://15771932)

It seems to be a regression in iOS 7.1 (beta). I use it in Outread in a subclass of UISlider for adding vertical marks with a correct color.

Excessive memory usage by UITextView on iOS 7 (rdar://15799494)

This one is a real drag. Text Kit is a great addition to iOS, but UITextView still feels like a 1.0 product (even under iOS 7.1 beta).

UITextField's clear button has wrong vertical position when enclosed in UIAlertView (rdar://15803204)

Not a big bug, but after some time gets annoying.

Buttons on the left side of the screen don't receive UIControlEventTouchDown when custom interactivePopGestureRecognizer delegate is used (rdar://15803254)

It took me some time to debug this issue, so I think it was worth reporting. As a reminder: default delegate of interactivePopGestureRecognizer stops recognizing gestures when a custom leftBarButtonItem is used or when navigationBar is hidden. It's quite common situation.

Read access to Safari Reading List (SSReadingList) (rdar://15804079)

As with Calendar and Reminders, there should be a read and write access to Safari's Reading List.